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So you’re getting married? Congrats! Now first things first, call us immediately to book your hair, makeup, nail & tan for your big day! You can reach us at 616.796.8577.

Ok… that’s done! Something you can check off your endless wedding to do list! Hip Hip Hooray 🙂 Speaking of that endless wedding to do list, in an effort to make your wedding day beauty prep as easy as possible, I have put together a simple timeline for you & I’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to… You can thank me later 🙂 Okay so, I started your preparations 8 weeks out beginning at Girlfriends Fit Club for Bridal Boot camp. Call Girlfriends directly at 616.399.9086 but here is the jist of what the boot camp includes… 8 one hour personal training sessions, a customized nutrition & fitness plan, & a two month membership to GFFC (including unlimited classes, indoor track, weight & cardio machine use). Here is a link so you can check out their website. Alrighty, onto preparing your skin…

At 6 weeks out, I recommend starting a skin prep program. I know that you want flawless camera ready skin for your walk down the aisle & here is how I suggest you start… get yourself on a daily cleansing/ moisturizing routine. If you’re already there then great!! One less thing you have to do :). If not, we have several bareMinerals cleansers & moistures to choose from based on your skin type. Ask your stylist at your next appointment to help you select which are right for you.

Next, make sure you get yourself a good exfoliating product. bareMinerals has a great one. It’s the EXFOLIATING TREATMENT CLEANSER. You may use this up to 7 days a week as a replacement for your cleanser or 2-3 times a week as an exfoliating mask. With this product you’ll achieve a reduction in pore visibility, an improvement in skin texture & a diminished appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Woo Hoo!! This would be best to start 6 weeks before your big day.

May I also suggest a skin brightening treatment? I mean, who doesn’t want skin that glows? I love the bareMinerals INTENSIVE GLOW PADS BRIGHTNING TREATMENT. I’ve been using these pads for over a month & have said adios to my dark spots! I would recommend starting this treatment 6 weeks out as well. Using these little pads at night after you cleanse, you’ll infuse your skin with potent vitamins & minerals. These pads are designed to increase cell turnover to deliver incredible luminosity & improved skin tone & texture. & let me tell you first hand, these pads deliver!!

A couple other skin care products that I’d like to mention … if you have any pesky fine lines or wrinkles that you’d like to kick to the curb before you say “I do”, then the bareMinerals MULTI WRINKLE REPAIR is a must! All of us at Bombshell have been using this product & have fallen in love! “This potent treatment is created to work on multiple surface layers of the skin so that fine lines appear instantly softened, the length and depth of wrinkles are noticeably reduced, and skin looks smoother and younger over time”. I have personally seen great results & highly recommend!! I would advise beginning this product at least 4 weeks before your big day. I started seeing results within the first two weeks!!

If blemishes are among your concerns, pick up our bareMinerals BLEMISH THERAPY. This fabulous little product is a powder concealer (it even comes with its own brush) & a blemish fighter all in one. This is one of Rachel’s (Bombshell owner) favorites. She’s been using it for years… long before Bombshell was even around. Not only does this product fight blemishes, it also helps reduce the appearance of pores, neutralizes redness & diffuses imperfections. This product is a winner!!

I’ve personally heard many women complain of skin redness. Whether it’s due to skin sensitivity or hyperpigmentation, this is a frustrating challenge for many! Well leave it to Bare Minerals to have a solution!! Gosh we just love bareMinerals J Here is what bareMinerals has to say about their awesome REDNESS REMEDY product … “Reduce facial redness on contact and over time with this incredibly effective soothing treatment. Powered by our ActiveSoil Complex, it also instantly minimizes the appearance of broken capillaries and brightens skin for a healthy-looking, more even-toned complexion. Appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive. Includes antibacterial-treated Soothing Compress Brush”. Check out their demo video,en_US,pd.html.

Okay one last & final skin care recommendation & then we’ll move onto hair… the 7-Day Skin Detox Mineral Brightening Peel. This week long treatment is a do it yourself, at home facial in a box. You can do this treatment in less than one minute each day for a week right before bed. Using this treatment will brighten & clear your skin. It will improve its texture & tone. It will reveal your BEST. SKIN. EVER! Here is my advice regarding this treatment. Use it two weeks before your wedding. I used it & I experienced dryness on day 6 & 7 which lasted a few days. Dryness is not uncommon with a peel however because of the detoxifying properties of this treatment… it’s best to build in some “recovery” time into your Bridal Beauty timeline.


Okay, as promised… now it’s time for hair.

When you called to schedule your appointments for the day of your wedding you should have been asked to schedule your practice appointments as well… if you for some reason don’t have these scheduled, please call us now to get them on the books. We do practice appointments for hair, makeup & airbrush tanning. These appointments are very important & are included in the price of your ‘day of’ appointments. We recommend scheduling your practice appointments within a month of your wedding.

Let’s start hair pre at 6 weeks out. Now is the time to begin a hair repair treatment plan. Amanda our manager & lead stylist recommends the Kevin Murphy BORN AGAIN treatment if you need to repair past damage. If you suffer from dryness & need some extra hydration, she recommends the Kevin Murphy HYDRATE ME MASK. These two take home treatments can work wonders to repair & hydrate so your hair is ready as you are when it’s time to say “I do”. We also have several in salon treatments that can be done so make sure to ask your stylist what she recommends for a treatment at the shampoo bowl.

Now let’s continue with your prep at the 4 weeks mark… I have one word… okay well maybe two. LOX EXTENSIONS. Let me just say- these are amazing! If you’re interested in some added length to achieve your Bridal Hair of your dreams or you want some extra fullness to create a bigger is better look… we can help. These clip in extensions are totally customizable. We will color them, cut them & teach you how to use them, Rachel, Amanda & Natalie have them, love them & wear them all the time. So remember you can also wear them over & over after your wedding day has come & gone. How fun right?? I would suggest scheduling a consult appointment at least 4 weeks out for these & feel free to discuss different options with your stylist at your next appointment!! Want to see how natural they look? Check out this photo of Amanda on her wedding day. Don’t they look amazing?

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If you are like many of our other Bombshell’s, & struggle with frizz L I’m sorry! But NOT. TO. WORRY!! We’ve got your life changing solution (& yes this treatment has been referred to by one of our guests as life changing). It’s the brazillian blow out… this conditioning treatment actually improves the health & condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz & smooth the cuticle. The end result is incredibly smooth frizz- free hair with radiant shine. This treatment takes only 90 minutes & you’ll have no down time. As soon as you leave the salon, you can workout, swim etc… The amazing results will last up to 12 whole weeks!!

Okay, we have prepped your body, your skin & your hair. Your bridal beauty timeline is almost complete!! We are now counting down the days so in the week before, here is what you need to do…

7 days before, get your color/ hi lites refreshed. This is also a good time for a trim if you need one. Now is NOT the time for any big changes! Now don’t get me wrong, we at Bombshell LOVE big changes just not right before your wedding. Afterwards? Now that’s a whole different story 🙂

3 days before (so Wednesday if you’re having a Saturday wedding, Tuesday if it’s on a Friday). Get your wax (brows, lip, arm pits, bikini… we do it all) done along with your pedi. Feel free to bring your bridesmaids or mom or future MIL along. We can do 3 pedis at a time.

2 days before (Weds or Thurs), get your air brush tan. We always recommend tanning two days prior to your event. You will have also already had a practice tan so you will be a pro at this point & know what to expect as far as color & maintenance go.

1 day before (Thurs/ Fri), get ready for your rehearsal dinner with our camera ready package along with a mani. A camera ready includes a blowout & makeup application. We will get you picture perfect for the day before your big day.

Now I’m giving you some homework for the night before. To best prepare your hair for the morning, wash & condition your hair. You can blow dry or air dry… up to you. Bridal styling works best on hair that has NOT been freshly washed so don’t forget this important step!

Day of (Fri/Sat): Arrive to your appointment at Bombshell with your bridal entourage. Sit back relax & enjoy each & every moment of this unforgettable day.

xo. jamie